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To whom it may concern,

Welcome all to UMSA! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to join us along on all of our great adventures. We have many exciting events and surprises planned out for you guys, so do get yourselves excited! We hope that we can get all of your great support throughout the time. We promise that we will try our best to provide a great experience during your time with us. Because without you guys, none of this will happen; so thank you heaps!

To catch up on UMSA, do keep yourself updated with UMSA 2017’s events, announcements and a whole lot of other opportunities! There will be chances for you to make heaps of new friends, learn new things, explore new places around New Zealand, experience new cultures or hobbies or even pick up a new favorite sport! Therefore, don’t miss out on these great surprises as it will be worth it!

Keep yourself updated with UMSA through our blog, Facebook and Instagram! These social media platforms will be updated constantly in order to help you get through any up-coming plans smoothly. Thus, make sure to always check them out as you don’t want to miss anything! All of the links that you need to know can be found on our FAQ page.

We hope to see all of you very soon! Thank you so much for supporting us.
Cheers, UMSA family!