Orientation Day – Semester 1, 2016

Apa Khabar?

Welcome to UMSA’s first event of the year! We were very excited as we were looking forward to meet new faces and also meet up with many familiar faces as well. We’ve figured that everyone needs some fresh air and have some morning sunlight. Therefore, for our first reunion back, we’ve decided to take it to the park!

Rise and shine!

IMG_0798IMG_0799IMG_0828IMG_0829IMG_0830IMG_0843IMG_0847IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0850 IMG_0801IMG_0802

To start off the event and to warm everybody’s mind up, we had everyone to do an ice-breaking activity! In this ice-breaker, we had everyone to be in their own groups. In each group, one has to shout out someone’s name while pointing at them by forming their hands into a “gun” formation. The person who’s targeted has to duck while the two people by their sides have to aim at each other by yelling out their names. If one does not get the name right or get it done in time, that person is eliminated. The process goes on and on until there is a last one standing.


In this semester’s orientation, we had an amazing race course. There were different stations located around campus, the park and some part of town. The teams have to go around searching for these stations by clues and complete the challenges given. Without further ado, let’s move on and have some fun!


Congratulations to the winning team! And also job well done to the other teams as well for your great spirit and effort!

IMG_0865IMG_0864IMG_0863 IMG_0831IMG_0832IMG_0833IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0836IMG_0837IMG_0838IMG_0839IMG_0840IMG_0841IMG_0842 IMG_0844IMG_0845IMG_0860 IMG_0861IMG_084612819279_1209035989188202_9043001141182491600_o12495944_1209066492518485_6443997526322208629_o

We hoped all of you enjoyed our first event! Thank you so much for the countless support and good vibes! We really appreciate it! See all of you soon in the next up-coming events this year! We are very looking forward to have a great and memorable year with all of you! Cheers to 2016!



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