“My Bersatu Experience”

Hi everyone!

I’m Sarah, sports officer with dear Lim Choon Chung back in 2014 (gosh.. What is this oldie doing here). Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience of Bersatu.



1) You have to be good at sports

– HELL NO. I couldn’t throw nor catch disc the first year I joined Frisbee. Now, I’m playing competitively

2) Meh, it’s just another sports tournament.

– It is not just ANOTHER sports tournament. It is THE BERSATU. Although competitive, it is social tourney! You get to make tonnes of friends especially with the Malaysians from other parts of NZ

Netball Team 3


1) Get Fit

2) Learn a new sport

3) Make amazing lifelong friends (trust me, you do)

4) Meet potential lifetime partners (seen a few successful couples wink emoticon )

5) Have the best time of your UNI LIFE. I mean it.

Seriously what are you waiting for. Go talk to your captains or sports officer NOW! Don’t be shy, if not you’ll regret this!

Netball Team 4

Some achievements of UMSA:

UMSA has brought home overall champions TWICE in a row now. Also, THREE times champions in Netball!


Sarah Wong Liteng

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