UoA ASEAN Cultural Night 2016

Apa Khabar?

We’ve entered the month of May! This means that big important projects and research essays are due. We hope that you are not too stressed out; do take a break whenever you need to release some stress. Speaking of stress relief, we had been a part of UoA ASEAN Cultural Night to release some tension and to have some fun!

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Many South-East Asian clubs from UoA came together to hold this special event. Our aim was to embrace and share our culture with one and another, to bring people together from different backgrounds, and to celebrate us as a whole! The South-East Asian countries that were involved were: Malaysia (that’s us!), Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. There was so much diversity; it was such a good opportunity to explore and learn about these unique countries individually.

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What is culture without food? Each club that represented their own countries presented their home country’s delicacy. There were plenty of delicious food and drinks served on the table to satisfy everyone’s tummy. Food, desserts, drinks; you name them all!


Our national precious treasure – Nasi Lemak! 

The night gets even more exciting! There were performances as well from every country. Everyone ceased this chance to present their home country’s art, music and other speciality. There were singing, traditional dances and traditional musical instruments as well; everyone was entertained by the great performances.

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Malaysians performing “1 Malaysia”.


“Kita satu Malaysia!”


The Asian family is back once again for another family photo shoot!



In the end, everyone enjoyed themselves with the company of good people, delicious food and drinks and entertaining performances. We hope that you’ve enjoyed your night and got to experience different cultures of ASEAN. Thank you heaps for your support and we will see you in the next event!


Representing Malaysia!



Don’t forget to tag us on #ASEANinAuckland in all of your photos or posts about this event! Cheers!



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