Trivia + Pizza Night

Apa Khabar?

Have you ever experienced the loudest pasar malam?
Well tonight, we definitely did.

Welcome to UMSA’s Trivia + Pizza Night! 



There were many different interesting categories prepared by every UMSA committee. Categories ranging from animals, riddles, music and many more.

Each turn, every group gets a chance to randomly pick a category. And the game goes on and on.



The level of noise was real! The true Malaysian culture filled the room as the game went on throughout the evening. Everyone started screaming, debating and laughing – there were a sense of teamwork, competition and also full of excitement throughout the room.


Our Trivia Night’s emcee – “The Beard”!



Congratulations to Jonathan’s team for winning tonight’s trivia night! And also a round of applause to the other teams as well for your good effort, energy and spirit!

PS, don’t forget to drink lots of water after from all of the screaming tonight! Take good care and until the next time we meet again for the next UMSA event!


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