UMSA’s Annual Purge

Apa Khabar?

Tonight, everyone put their lives into a dangerous position. UMSA’s annual purge was definitely a thrilling and exciting experience. Everyone proved their skills and strengths in order to keep themselves alive throughout the night.

Firstly, the night started off with a game of Mafia. However, we’ve modified the entire game a little to make people start running on their feet. Therefore, Mafia was like this:

Eight mafias, three healers and three detectives were randomly chosen; the remaining ones were known as the citizens. Everyone was set free around the university compound for the game to begin. The aim for every role is simple: the mafia would have to aim to kill everyone. Healers were given two “healing stickers” (stickers are placed on dead people) to bring the life from the dead. Detectives were given a phone number, they only can ring this number twice to confirm if their assumptions of the mafia is accurate. Lastly, the citizens were given a special ability – they can choose to team up to work together to find a special weapon that has the power to kill anyone.

The night was insane. People were running fast everywhere around the university. Some people were very good at surviving while some people were already captured within a few minutes.

The next game of the night was Hunger Games. How this game works is there were many “throne items” placed around the university campus. In teams, everyone have to solve the clue that leads them to the specific location where the throne items were placed. However, as the game progresses, teams have to be aware of their surroundings. “Predators” were released and they have the ability to kill anyone instantly. Moreover, other team members are able to attack other members as well if they ever meet each other halfway.

Apparently, the winning team was really good at the game! They collected the most amount of throne items and without getting killed within a short amount of time. This leaves the other team fewer opportunities as the game had to end in a short period of time.

We hoped that everyone who participated enjoy the night and had a great experience overall! This will be the last event of the first semester of 2016! We thank you all for all of the support that were given to us during this semester. This semester wouldn’t be as great as it was without you guys! We will see everyone again in the next upcoming event during the next semester. Till then, all the best with your studies for final exams and take good care!



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