Bersatu Games 2016 -Arrival Day + Day 1

Apa Khabar?

As you may had heard, Bersatu Games is an annual sporting event fully conducted by Malaysian students for Malaysian students studying in all tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand. Each year, Bersatu Games succeeds in attracting participation from all over New Zealand from the various universities that come together under their respective student organisations. Bersatu Games is the most highly anticipated event by Malaysians around New Zealand every year, where everyone can come together in the spirit of true sportsmanship. 

The time table shown below is the schedule for the entire Bersatu Games 2016 journey. 


This year’s Bersatu Games was held at a city located at the South Island’s southeast coast known as Dunedin! The games started from the 30th of June until the 4th of July. Yes, you’ve read it right; it was during the winter period. “The cold did not bother us anyways.” We were ready to gain a winter experience that was twice as cold compared to Auckland.  It definitely did not stop us from fighting our way through to reach our goals as a united team. The UMSA team buckled up and as we gathered our winter jackets, scarfs and boots and flew all over to the cold South Island a day before.



Our sports officer and the trophy.


We’ve landed safe and sound at Dunedin Airport during the evening. The team was then transported from the airport to the city of Dunedin.


As the night progresses, a “draw of sports” procedure was done among all of the gathered sports representatives.
The next morning, it was the first day of the Bersatu Games 2016!

It was a very busy day for everyone as there were many different games held on the same day itself. There was female basketball, sepak takraw and table tennis during day one! Our sportsman and sportswoman woke up with fresh minds and motivated spirits and head down to University of Otago’s Unipol Recreation Centre for the games.



Table tennis area.



Our great table tennis players getting all warmed up!


The courts for sepak takraw.


Our boys feeling energetic before the games.


Our girls showing how determination is done.

As the clock strikes at 8 in the morning, the games had officially started! All three sporting events happened at the same time. The cheers from every contingents were loud and alive. Everyone tried their very best and gave out every strength to be the best. A sense of unity among all Malaysian students could be felt as the spirit around the atmosphere was definitely strong. Moreover, UMSA and the other contingents were doing a very good job in their own sports – determined, focused and active.

The female basketball team was very focused during their game. The girls had shown a large amount of teamwork among the members.


A game of female basketball between UMSA and WMSO.



UMSA’s female basketball team.

On the other side of the court, a game of sepak takraw was on. The boys from sepak takraw were very motivated as they’ve gathered up all of their strengths to reach their goals.


13603631_1285370201554780_2136953216008861811_o13585147_1285370588221408_2768506286038344395_o13559195_1285370631554737_3972208986667177134_o 13640850_1285372801554520_4217408970253034765_o


UMSA and AUC giving each other support.


Moreover, our table tennis players were also very determined. This game consisted of five different categories that included female singles, male singles, female doubles, male doubles and mixed doubles.



Our representative for female single.



That full focus in our male singles representative’s eyes. 



Endless support from the UMSA team!



Our representatives for female doubles.


Our representatives for male doubles.

After a tiring day of sports, dinner is finally served!


After dinner, the team was then transported to the opening ceremony of Bersatu Games 2016!


The positive energy within the UMSA team is always strong!


The crowd of the opening ceremony.



The opening ceremony started off with an entertaining performance performed by the talented students from Dunedin. The students started off the night with a few songs and followed by a Māori traditional Haka dance.


Singing and dancing by the performers.


A Māori traditional Haka dance.

The ceremony was then welcomed by two emcees. Without further ado, every contingent’s main representative was then welcomed to come up on stage to officially officiate the opening of 2016’s Bersatu Games.






Here are the results of day one:



And that’s a wrap for day one of the Bersatu Games!


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