Bersatu Games 2016 – Day 2

Apa Khabar?


We’ve arrived day two of the Bersatu Games! Dunedin’s morning sky was clear and beautiful. Everyone rested well after a busy first day and were ready to get back on their feet!


The sporting events that were on today were volleyball and touch rugby. Although both of the teams were feeling anxious, but they remained determined and carried out a large amount of positive team spirit. The UMSA family was present in the early morning to cheer loudly to give out support to the players.


The volleyball team getting their heads in the game!


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The touch rugby team doing a great job in the the cold weather.


Day two was definitely a long day for all. This is because both of these games went on continuously throughout the entire morning and afternoon. It was a tough experience but every player tried their best to keep pouring out their strengths to play the games well.

No matter what happened in the end of the day, the UMSA family still did not lose hope and continued to support plus cheer each other on as a united team.

Without further ado, here are the results of day two and the most recent updated medal tally:

After a long day of intense games, the players decided to relax their minds and enjoyed a friendly match of basketball together.


Already training to be next year’s Bersatu basketball players.


Our president practicing her tennis to be the best!



Slow and steady – practice makes perfect!

And that’s a wrap for day two of the Bersatu Games!


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