UMSA Reorientation ft. Running Man

Apa Khabar?


We hoped your final exams went well and you’ve enjoyed your winter break! We are all very excited to spend this brand new semester filled with interesting events and a whole lot of fun with all of you!

To start off this new semester, we’ve organised a re-orientation for both new and old members. To spice up the fun, we’ve took some inspiration from the popular Korean reality TV programme called “Running Man”. We’re pretty sure that most Running Man audience would like to experience the games that the casts play in the show; therefore, let’s make it come true!


Good morning – rise and shine!



Getting a good “wake-up pinch” to start a lazy Saturday morning.


There were many stations around Albert Park, Auckland Art Gallery and around the university’s Quad compound. Teams were directed to visit each station in order to complete the station games to earn most points.

Introducing the station games:

  1. Paper Basketball

Each team was given a distance and a set time to throw in as many paper balls into the basket. While one member have to work their legs up to sit in a squat position to hold the basket with their thighs.


2. Chicken Leg

Everyone is ordered to lift a leg up and hold it in that position throughout the game. Team members have to try to push the opponents in order to make the other lose their balance and fall. Once you’ve lost your balance and fall – you’re out!


3. Rock, paper, scissors – Splash or Shield!

A cup of water and a shield is placed at a corner. Each team member would take turns to beat the other opponent in a simple game of rock, paper and scissors. The person who loses has to grab the shield as quick as possible before the winner grabs the cup of water and throws it to the person who lost.


We’ve met a new friend!


Maybe dogs are really men’s best friend after all!

4. Tug of Pegs

This maybe the most painful challenge as everyone needs to attached a peg onto their skin. After that’s done, both teams have to pull just like regular tug of war to get the pegs unattached from the other team member’s faces.


5. Egg Head

This game is a test of your luck! Each team member have to randomly pick an egg from the batch. Everyone need to use their foreheads to crack the egg. Your goal is to pick up a hard-boiled egg instead of a raw egg.


Lastly, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the name tag elimination challenge! How do you play this game? Chase after someone and rip of their name tags!


“I’ve got your back!” – the perfect hiding spot!



The winners for this re-orientation.


Dab tutorials available – learn it from the best!


Avengers, assemble!


Thank you for joining us in this amazing first event of the second semester! We hoped you had as much fun as we did. It was definitely a good morning workout to start the day together!


Greetings from your UMSA committee.


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