Makan Ball (Makan Night + Ball) 2016

Apa Khabar?

Finally, the long-awaited event is here! This year, instead of hosting the usual Makan Night, we’ve decided to make it fancy and turn it into a ball. Thus, after months of planning, large commitments and hard work, UMSA’s Makan Ball 2016 successfully happened!

Makan Ball 2016 was held at Rydges Hotel, CBD Auckland. Although it was a cold and rainy evening outside, but the warmth from the people and atmosphere is comforting in the inside.

The theme of this year’s Makan Ball is “A Tropical Winter”. ‘Why’, you say. It’s basically because we come from a tropical country to a four-season country (and it’s winter right now). It shows a motion of all of us being united as one – we came a long way down and we’re here together standing strong as one!


The night started off with people arriving the hotel. Each and everyone looked absolutely glamorous and stunning tonight. Fancy suits, beautiful dresses, high heels and ties – everyone definitely nailed it! We were the kings and queens of the night!


Gentleman at his best.


Your communication officer looking fly like always!


Your sports officers bringing the A-game!


The organisers – your cultural officers.


The VVIP aka Ryan Gosling.


Work it, ladies!


The organisers – your public relations officers.


UMSA’s Committee of 2016 – we’re known to be always ready for the camera.


Suit and tie – ladies, one at a time.


“Who run the world?” “GIRLS!”


The event started off by playing the three promotional videos to the audience. After, a warm welcome was given by our two amazing emcees – Khajen and Misykat.

Dinner is served! We had a mouth watering Malaysian buffet line prepared by the head chef of Rydges Hotel. We’ve brought your most favourite delicious home delicacies to you! The dinner menu included satay, nasi lemak, ayam rendang, vegeterian fried kuey teow and roti canai with curry. Hang on there, we definitely did not forget about dessert! The dessert menu included a variety of fresh fruits and the head chef’s speciality – macaroons!
As the night progresses, it’s more photo booth time!

The night was also entertained by many great talented performers. There were singing and dancing involved to pump up the vibes of the atmosphere. The first performance was performed by an amazing singer Rachel Choy accompanied by Eugene Lim on the guitar.


Another gentleman on his move.

Moreover, the second performance was performed by a talented duo – Cheryl Tan and Nicholas Ng. They’ve done a mashup of Bee Gees’ “How Deep is Your Love”and The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t be Moved”. And followed up with a last song by Megan Trainor and John Legend’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”.

Who says girls can’t dance? This squad is here to prove you wrong! The next performance was a hip-hop performance to spice up the night; and it was nicely done by these ladies.




Preparing to replace James Bond’s job.


Plates on sale – buy 3 for RM10!


Your social officers – “Allan & Ting Huan – CROSS!”


The “cool kids only” squad.


The “emo kids only” squad.

The time has come to pick our night’s best dress – male and female! The cultural officers secretly went “best dress scouting” throughout the night. We had a very hard time deciding as everyone in the room were looking too grand and perfect! We’re not going to lie, but it was definitely a hard decision to make. To the people who did not get the award, always remember that all of you still look handsome and beautiful all day, everyday no matter what!


Preparing to give away the royal crowns.



All hail to the fabulous king of best dress!



The gorgeous queen of best dress is here tonight!



“My dreams finally came true!”

Finally, it was time for the committee performance! The committee had taken out a lot of time to gather and practice a graceful ballroom waltz. We’ve danced to Michael Buble’s classic single –  “L O V E”. Everyone held their partners, put on their dancing shoes and dance the night away!


Allen Wong’s definitely pull off the red lipstick!


The night progressed to a slow dance session. The music and lights were adjusted to set the mood and everyone enjoyed their time during the dance with each other.



It was then time to rock the party! Fast up-beat music was turned on and it got everyone’s excitement to a higher level. Everyone started to feel looser and started to bring out their greatest dance moves onto the dance floor! We even started a long conga line that got everyone together as we danced. People were cheering and busting moves – it was a very private and intimate club that belonged to us.



We would love to give a huge appreciation shoutout to everyone who are involved in the making of this amazing event tonight! Without you guys, this night would not had happened the way it would be!

We would like to give a huge thank you to the helpful staff and chefs of Rydges Hotel, the talented performers, the extra help by other UMSA members who volunteered their time, every single member of the entire UMSA committee who devoted their amazing effort and emotional support endlessly and last but not least – the massive massive massive support from every single one who came to this event!


We hoped that tonight was a great and unforgettable experience for all! Cheers to us, the kings and queens of the night!


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