UMSA x SSA Paintball

Apa Khabar?
Are you up for a thrilling adventure? WE ARE!
UMSA and SSA made a collaboration to bring you an exciting weekend filled with paintball madness! We’ve challenged ourselves to the “survival of fittest” test; to test our skills and stamina.
As soon as everyone arrived at the destination, a quick briefing of about the game rules and regulations were given. After, everyone changed into the proper paintball attire that was provided.

It was a first time for many people who played that afternoon. The paintball gun was very heavy; it definitely was not as easy as we thought it would be.

Everyone played for two rounds, which was a total of 30 minutes; and then a short break was given. It was a very good experience for all as it was many people’s first time. Getting shot by a paintball really do hurts. Many people got their legs bruised; that’s the spirit of good fun and adventure!


We’ve earned ourselves badges of bravery; it was a good afternoon spent with thrills and good company!

PS, our bodies and muscles ached right after the next day! That’s what you get for not stretching before playing a hardcore game. Oh wells – we’re still pretty badass.

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