Pre-AGM x Satay Night

Apa Khabar?

We’ve approached the most stressful time of the semester. What is the best therapy for this? Friends, board games, food and most importantly… SATAY!

We’ve avoided the cold rainy evening and gathered everyone in a warm room filled with good food and company. Moreover, we also took this evening to have our very own “Pre-AGM” session. This is when people can question the committees about their roles and duties before they make their final decision to sign up for a position for the next upcoming AGM.


The satay were all gone within a blink of an eye!


The evening was also entertained by good old classic board games! It was a chance for everyone to bond and share a good time together. Sherrif, Avalon, Uno.. you name them all!


We hope that everyone had a relaxing evening and managed to destress your minds on this chilled night in! We wish the very best in all of your tests, assignments and projects – we believe in all of you. Good luck!


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