Annual General Meeting ’16

Apa Khabar?

This is it. We’ve reached the end of 2016.

Tonight, we’ve gathered together to elect UMSA’s new committee of 2017 to bring you more surprises and opportunities.

The event started off with a speech presented by 2016’s president, Qian Min Chan. Later, the evening followed along with the year’s report by the treasurer, social officers, cultural officers, sports officers and lastly, public relation officers.


The social officers presenting their report of the year. 


The cultural officers presenting their report of the year.


The sports officers presenting their report of the year. 


The public relation officers presenting their report of the year. 

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for. It’s time for 2017’s committee candidates to give out their speeches. The evening started off with speeches delivered by all executive candidates.


Allan Tan is running for the president position.


Kah Yee is running for the vice-president position.


Our amazing vote counting team.


Voters are participating by casting their votes.


Yash Rajesh is running for the secretary position.


Jonathan Tan is running for the treasurer position.

Halfway through the event, it’s time for a break! We’ve had a variety on our plate, from savory bites to sweet desserts.


Refreshing drinks were proudly sponsored by Gong Cha Auckland. Visit their stores to treat yourself with great beverages. PS, you are able to request for free toppings by showing your UMSA card! 


The event continued with all general committee candidates delivering their speeches.


Finally, the annual general meeting had come to an end. The votes were all counted and decisions were made.

We are looking forward to see you in 2017 with more surprises, opportunities and a whole lot of fun! Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Your endless support will always be appreciated as it never fails to keep us stronger. ‘Till the next year, take good care everybody!


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