Orientation Day – Semester 1, 2017

Apa Khabar?

Orientation Day, the first UMSA event of 2017!

Everyone had a blast as there were many new faces and also many returning members came to join the fun! Even though the weather was wet and gloomy, everyone still gathered up their morning energy and made their way to the orientation. The weather does not stop us from having fun!

Our social officers had gone through weeks of planning to put this whole event together. They had gone through lots of game planning, brain storming, gathering all the materials that were needed and also gathering all of us as an opportunity to be together.


Our social officers, Hazel and Manbuu, getting things sorted before the event.


Our communication officers, John and Lakshman, getting people signed-up. 


A huge shout out to one of our proud sponsor partner – LMC Mining. Which had sponsored UMSA’s first orientation of 2017 with delicious pizzas and drinks for lunch. We appreciate and thank you for the kind sponsor that benefited our event and our fellow members.

DSCF1046 DSCF1057

“Thanks for coming! Enjoy lah!”



The morning started off with an ice-breaking game called “Bang Bang”. Everyone is assigned into a group and the challenge of this game is to remember everyone’s names at the moment.

One person would yell out your name and yell “BANG”, that person would have to duck down. After the person had duck down, the two people beside have to face each other and get someone eliminated by screaming “BANG” and their names quickly. Whoever is the slowest is eliminated.



Later on, the orientation continued on with the second game which is called – The Coin Game. Each person is assigned with a coin value. When the announcer yell out a certain amount of value, everyone has to find enough people that is worth the amount. Whoever is left out without a group, they are eliminated from the game. This is when primary school math becomes a little handy.



Finally, the moment that everyone had been waiting for – The Zombie Apocalypse Challenge!

Each group is given a colour and every individual is given lifelines on their wrists that they have to protect in order to survive the game. The aim of each group member is to steal the lifelines of other groups. The more you achieve, the more lives you get. However, when you lose lifelines and left to only 2 or less, you’re in danger as the zombies will be able to infect you.

Thus, the strategy of the game is determined by the groups themselves. If you have no other plans, just run for your life!


The green group’s strategy is to stand side-by-side strongly throughout the whole game.


“I’ll stand by you no matter what!”


Fish the zombie had infected an innocent citizen!


“Let me save you!”


“Attack me if you dare!”




“Don’t you run away from me!”


“I need more lives, have mercy!”




“One man down.”


Doctor Yash and Zach are here to provide all of your zombie recovery needs.


“Somebody save me.”




“We survived!”

After a long day of running around, it’s time to feast on delicious pizza and refreshing drinks!



Congratulations to our final winners for the day’s orientation. You guys were great!
And to the people who did not win, you guys are still proud winners in our hearts!



We would like to thank everyone who made their ways to participate our first event of 2017. We understand that it was a cold and rainy morning, but you guys still took your time and effort to support us. We truly appreciate that, your full support is all we need. Therefore, thank you all a million!

We will see all of you in the next up-coming event. Give all of yourself a big round of applause for being an amazing sport and for being our champions of the day!




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