My Bersatu Experience: Allen Wong

Apa Khabar?

Allen Wong
was our sports officer of 2016. He had proudly represented UMSA as an active and great player as well. Allen had participated several sports in the last Bersatu Games; not to mentioned, he was also the captain of the volleyball team. He had led many players – by encouraging, supporting and caring for one and another. This is Allen’s Bersatu experience, inspiring us to stand up and live our dreams.


“Good day everyone, I am Allen Wong and here I am going to tell you my experience from Bersatu Game in the last two years. The story begins when I first came in New Zealand. At first, I didn’t have many friends here and I couldn’t stop thinking home in Malaysia. The moment I felt very homesick, one of my friends invited me to join UMSA Bersatu Game (I am still very grateful to that friend). That day, it changed my fate. I went to the trial for Volleyball and initially, I thought everyone will be very scary and competitive. It turned out everyone in the Volleyball team was so friendly and soon I became part of the team members and because of this, slowly, my surrounding was getting more and more friends that I could count on. Soon, I wasn’t longer feeling homesick anymore. I have many good friends here with me and yeah, I am still hanging out with them every now and then. You can say they are like my family in New Zealand who cannot be replaced by other people easily.

Last year Bersatu Game was held in Otago, Dunedin. It was even fun because we got to travel to South Island for the competition. Just try and imagine a bunch of friends travel to other region of New Zealand to have the competition, doesn’t it sound like as if we are the Olympic team that represents Auckland? (But of course we represent Malaysia hahaha) The match itself is not really competitive. Every player respects toward each other and plays fair and square in the match. Some players even make friends out of the opponents which suits the Chinese saying, “A rival yesterday is the friend today.” Bersatu Game is not entirely playing sports all the time, there is some extra activities you can do during the event. The most exciting part is the “game night” we had where everyone just gathered together and played some games in the hotel. I even had the pillow talk with one of my best friend who shared the same hotel room with me. After Bersatu Game, some of us went to trip in South Island and it was a fun trip.

To cut it short, I can say Bersatu Game is a good platform for us to make friends and getting closer to each other. I really enjoyed Bersatu Game and I hope more people can join and find the benefits of it. Thank you for reading!”

We hope that this second post of “My Bersatu Experience” had given you an insight of his perspective of the Bersatu Games. Moreover, we also hope this gives you more positive motivation and encouragement!


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