My Bersatu Experience: Aliah Hisham

Apa Khabar?

Aliah Hisham
had been representing UMSA for the Bersatu Games with great spirit and passion. She dedicated her time and effort to give all that she got to be the best of the best. Like everyone else, she had gone through the games with hard work and determination – and she managed to do both well. Here is Aliah sharing her stories and experiences of the Bersatu Games; hoping to encourage and inspire you.


“Bersatu Games opened a lot of doors for me. First off, I’ve found myself a small family in UMSA. As a team, we spent a lot of time with each other. The journey leading up to the games developed all sorts of growth, be it as an individual or as a team. The effort showed distinctly on court as well as off—I have forever friends that I will jump higher, run faster and block more kick shots for just so they won’t. Man, I gave my voice to cheer the UMSA contingent during Bersatu Games so that they’ll jump higher and run faster because FAM I GOTCHU!!! Also, even though we don’t meet up as much and may now living in separate countries, we still support each other no matter what.

Mushy stuff aside, I discovered my love for futsal through a casual tryout. I had zero experience but everybody was
encouraging to one other to try out the sport, so I said to myself, “why the hell not? If I turned out to be a ‘kaki bangku‘, I’ve got nothing to lose”. The coach and team captain saw me as a potential goalkeeper (which I didn’t). So, with their guidance, I surprised myself! From placing 4th in ’14, the team moved up to 3rd in ’15 and 2nd in ’16. You see, you may not know your love for a sport if you don’t give it a chance. Try something new and surprise yourself!”


We hope this “heck-of-a-great-ride” story inspired you to participate the Bersatu Games with UMSA. You do not have to worry if it’s your first time or you have zero experience, because if Aliah can do it – you can too!


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