Just Dance x Board Games Night

Apa Khabar?

Yes, it’s that time of the semester – it’s time to have some stress release fun!
The social officers had organised a night of full on social dancing, board games and socialising with one and another. Everyone danced to an online game called “Just Dance”. It was definitely got everyone active and people were able to express themselves. There were many different types of songs that were able to suit everyone’s taste and style – ranging from oldies, 80s disco, modern pop and many more.


If you’re shy to dance around a big crowd, we’ve got you covered! We also provided many different types of fun and exciting board games for everyone to play. There was the classic Uno card game, Jenga, Avalon and Cards Against Humanity. Everyone had a blast playing with one and another and it was a good opportunity for people to bond and socialise.




It was a night filled with fun, games and good company. We hope that this evening managed to help you release some stress from assignments and assessments! UMSA would like to wish everyone ALL THE BEST for your up-coming final exams.





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