“The Future of Malaysian Clubs” Forum: GOTHAM + UMSA + AUC Collaboration

Apa Khabar?

Auckland Malaysian Group of Thinkers (GOTHAM) gathered UMSA and AUC to hold a forum that discusses topics about Malaysian students’ involvement in the university’s Malaysian clubs.

This forum was brought up due to a popular curiosity of why there are two different Malaysian clubs in the university. The forum was carried out smoothly as the hosts and moderators were working efficiently to keep things on the right track.




People were welcomed to ask questions that they were curious about as the executives from both Malaysian clubs responded to all of them.

UMSA and AUC both do share similar vision of aiming to provide the best for all Malaysian students in Auckland. Both clubs do give in equal amount of effort to strive to achieve success together as one. Putting all curiosity aside, the main point that people have to keep in mind is that both clubs do see eye-to-eye with one another. As collaborations often happen between the clubs, and we constantly provide help and support time to time to show our pride towards one and another.



The forum ended on a positive note. Curiosities and questions were resolved; people managed to gain new informations and knowledges about one and another. Do look forward to more up-coming collaborated events between UMSA and AUC in the future – we hope to surprise you with much more excitement to make your student experience better in Auckland with us.




Moreover, we also would like to give a huge shoutout to GOTHAM for having us and to give us the opportunity to express ourselves in this forum. Keep yourself updated on GOTHAM’s future forums to learn something new, engage with different knowledges and meet new friends! Click here for their Facebook page for more information.


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