Movie Night: Kung Fu Panda 3

Apa Khabar?

It’s time for a movie night! It is the time of the semester when everyone is stressed out from assignments, tests and just uni life basically. Thus, a movie night is what we need to ease our tension and stress!

Tonight, we are watching Kung Fu Panda 3! Grab your friends, grab your chips and popcorn, sit back and relax – and enjoy the movie!




Thank you all for coming to our movie night! Your support is dearly appreciated a lot. We hoped that you had enjoyed yourself and had a great night with us and your buddies!

We hope that tonight helped you to destress and keep your mind off uni work. All the best to all of your upcoming assignments and tests. Don’t be too stressed out – we believe that you can do this!



My Bersatu Experience: Winnie Chong

Apa Khabar?

Winnie Chong
represented UMSA for the Bersatu Games 2016 with strong passion and determination. She was involved in many different sports in Bersatu. She was always active, encouraging and supportive among her teammates. The most important thing was that she never gave up even in her toughest moments. Here is Winnie sharing her great Bersatu experiences with you to inspire you.


“Last year was my first year playing Bersatu, so the excitement and buzz is still so vivid in my mind. Despite playing multiple sports, I had the honours of captaining netball. Watching my girls grow and improve was immensely gratifying! Seeing your friends progress and playing alongside them week by week in other sports leading up to the games, deepens friendships and sportsmanship. If you’re curious about a sport you’ve never played before, give it a go! By playing sports and training weeks on end with your teammates, creates endless connections and bonds. Plus, multiple studies show that exercise and connections are imperial to your health and well-being.
These friendships are not only made within your contingent. They are made country wide and worldwide. Being part of such a big community that is so warm and welcoming is definitely one you would not want to miss out on! Competition! Sociality! Fun! Whatever the reason, seize this perfect opportunity!

“The only failure in life is the failure to participate”. So why not give it a crack?”
We hope the message from Winnie had managed to inspire you to participate in the Bersatu Games with UMSA. Remember to keep your chin up no matter how rough the tides are. Challenge yourself if you’re up for the challenge – because we know you can be the next champion.


Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan 2.0

Apa Khabar?

You got it! Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan is back with 2.0!

We had a little switch of plans compared to last year. This year was all about cafe and dessert hopping adventures!

Lunch is served! Everyone gathered at The Quad to have a delicious Malaysian meal from Newton Cafe and Uncle Man. The fried rice was delightful as there were loads of ingredients all combined together and the pastry of the curry puffs were so soft and the filling was mouth-watering. It was a satisfying lunch indeed!


After when everyone’s tummy was full and satisfied, we hopped on the bus to head our first destination at Parnell to begin our Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan 2.0 journey. We first arrived at Patissirie Vaniyé. It was a glorious dessert store where the fanciest chocolates and the finest cakes were sold. The desserts that were neatly displayed in the cabinet were delicious and satisfying.

The second stop was Mövenpick. It is a gelato store where people get to pick a variety of great ice-cream flavors. There is a lot to choose from, decision making was hard!

The next stop was Casa Del Gelato. This place had full of surprises. The gelato flavors were all unique and delicious. Not to mention, they also serve crazy large freak shakes! The diabetes game is real but indulging these amazing desserts is a great life opportunity. Everyone grabbed their own gelato ice-creams while one of us had ordered a fancy espresso milkshake and apparently you have to do the mixing yourself!



The espresso milkshake wonder!


New ride, anyone?

The last cafe for our journey is the Chocolate Boutique. This place had so much great chocolate desserts and products to offer. Ranging from chocolate beverages to cakes and such. It was definitely a chocolate factory indeed!

After, we headed to Parnell Rose Garden for an afternoon stroll after a long day of eating. The sun was shining and the garden was filled with colorful and beautiful roses.


And that’s a wrap for our Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan 2.0 adventure! We hope to see you in the next upcoming event.