UMSA Committee ’18

Introducing UMSA’s committee of 2018.

“Together as a team, we are looking forward to work hard in order to make your UMSA experience to be an unforgettable one.”


The leader of the clan.

Fatin Izzati (aka Fatin)

” A little bit of determination and passion goes a long way.”



The co-leaders of the clan.


Lakshman Raj Kumar (aka Laksa)

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.”

Hazel Kim (aka Hellzel)

“Started from the general comm and now I’m here.”


Keeping records in place makes the team ace.

Kah Yee Wong (aka Ling Ling)

“If you hang chili padi outside, you will chase away the rain.”


Balancing accounts to provide greater opportunities.


Nurul Iman Abu (aka Manbuu)

“Good things come to those who wait!”

Social Officers

Your exciting UMSA events that get you bonding & going on your feet.


Ardini Farihin (aka Ardini)

“Get out from your comfort zone if you want to succeed.”

Emil Ismaan (aka Emil)

“There is strength in unity.” 

Communication Officers

To solve any of your communication issues – we believe that communication is key.


Jane Pan (aka Jane)

“A bit of madness is key.”

Syn Peih Ong (aka Syn)
“Life as it is.”

Cultural Officers

Embrace our traditional cultures & beauty that is of our blood. 


Sabrina Abdul Hadi (aka Sabrina)

“Passion for what you do makes it a whole lot better.”

Nik Adam (aka Adam)

 “Here’s to growing together.”

Public Relations Officers

Aiming to make your urban daily lifestyle bright & alive.


 Eric Lim (aka Eric)

“In the long run, we are all dead.” 

Arif Azmi (aka Balo Spartans)

“Hey sup fellas?”

Sport Officers

We march as one, we fight as one – for us, we are the champions.


Jon Lau (aka Nonny)

“To B or not to B.” 

Kristen Louis (aka Kristen)

 “All we do is win.”


To capture every joyful moment is the beauty of life – to remember your every UMSA memories & for your Instagram needs.

Michael Ng (aka Michael)

“Be adventurous.”